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a perfect form
from planning to delivery

The Challenge

How can we guarantee millimetric perfection and the stability of the counter form, even after wrapping?

After gluing and drying, for years counters were assembled wrapped inside a polyethylene sheet.
The use of polyethylene protected them from possibly sticking together, but maintained the humidity in the package, making the counters more malleable and, consequently, not in conformity with the form. The challenge to be met was important: how could we prevent the weight or the stacking of multiple counters from altering their initial form.

The Project

The proposal of our Research & Development Team

The solution came from our Research & Development Team. With the support of two of our partners, we developed a new type of fast-drying glue and a new drying oven that today is a part of our production line.


Counters that fit perfectly

Thanks to the faster and more efficient drying system, today all our counters are packaged without the use of polyethylene, unless our customers expressly request to adopt a different procedure.
As they are perfectly dry, there is no longer the risk of the glue being transferred between the pieces, so they can be stocked and delivered to the client with no type of protection.
No residue humidity has been found and the stability of the form is guaranteed. To the millimetre.

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