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an innovative project
studied to fit perfectly

The challenge

Designing a counter that can guarantee the shoe absolute aesthetic perfection, as well as structure and stability.

In some cases, the form on which the counter is constructed is not perfect to the millimetre. It might happen that there is a small imperfection or a groove that the counter could cover, but not hide or compensate.
The challenge to be met was structural: how could we make those small imperfections invisible, so that once the upper was inserted, the shoe would always be uniform and impeccable?


A solution that exploits multiple materials

Our research and development team, supported by some of its most important partners, studied the behaviour of two different materials: fabric and bonded leather.
The research focused on the possibility of associating both materials, thereby combining the technical characteristics and the performance of each one inside the shoe.

the advantages

Perfect lines and no imperfections

Thanks to a two-layer material made of fabric and bonded leather, it was possible to create a counter that, when exposed to heat, exploits the adherence of the fabric and perfectly covers every form, hiding imperfections and irregularities on the surface.
The presence of the fabric made it possible to exploit its reaction to heat, while the presence of bonded leather guaranteed the stability and permanent adhesion to the shoe for a perfect combination. In every single detail.

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