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two different materials to give
the shoe greater support

The Challenge

How can we guarantee the stability of the shoe, especially in complex cases like that of platform shoes?

Some cases of design are more complex than others. Platform shoes, for example, presented added difficulties. They do not allow the foot much flexibility, so it was necessary to ensure that they had a strong structure at the heel to prevent the shoe from slipping off the foot with every step.
The challenge to be met was structural: how could we reinforce the counter, while ensuring that this type of shoe would be comfortable and functional?


Understanding materials to get winning results

The expert technicians in our modelling department worked alongside our most important raw materials supplier.
The study concerned the materials to be used, their technical characteristics, and their performance inside the shoe.

The advantages

Stability and comfort in just one solution.

Thanks to a compound material made of two different mixtures of bonded leather, it was possible to create stable counters that were perfect for platform shoes.
By taking advantage of two overlapping layers, it was possible to maintain the combined characteristics of the two materials where more support was necessary. Instead, in the areas where a more flexible mixture was sufficient, the material was trimmed to eliminate the part in excess and thereby obtain the required stability and maximum comfort.

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