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an excellent production system

Modelling and design

Our modelling department is the jewel in the company’s crown. Thanks to the professionalism of our modellers and the experience acquired over more than 45 years of doing business, we are capable of guaranteeing our clients real and active support in the design and planning of their projects. The objective: to support footwear, with the maximum discretion possible, without compromising on style, solidity, and functionality.

Production: our excellence model.

All of the production phases are followed and carried out carefully, with great precision and skill. Thanks to our team of collaborators and an impeccable organisation of our labour force, we guarantee an efficient production process, which is constantly revised and improved upon, to offer cutting-edge performance and reliable results.

An accurate control system

We have chosen to carry out a manual quality control following each phase of production to be certain that only perfect toes and counters, totally lacking in imperfections and in complete conformity with the executive drawings drafted during the design phase, follow through.

Hand finishing

Following the intervention of machinery using cutting-edge technology, we choose to finish our toes and counters manually to reduce the extremes to the point of making them invisible and imperceptible in the body of the shoe.

Do you want to know how long it will take to finish your project?

We are happy to make available our extensive experience in production to help answer your questions.